Crescent Beach Restoration Project

We are on hold for a bit with this project after talking to the contractor.  Standby for details.

Next up ... Crescent Beach!


The beach is central to our community and cleaning out the muck on the bottom will make it much more enjoyable and environmentally sound.

Our Lake Restoration is moving on to Phase IB with a project on Crescent Beach.  We have hired New England Aquatic Services to remove accumulated sediment from the bottom of the lake and pump it to a dewatering bag.  The Ridgefield Inland Wetlands Board has approved the project and we expect to begin this second phase in October 2021.  Upon completion of this phase we will move to a different area of the lake to continue the process of clearing as much accumulated sediment as we are able from the lake bottom.  Lake Improvement Funds will be used to start the project, but we need the lake community's support to keep this going.  Please use the link below to give your donation today!  Thank you so much!

We are on hold for a bit with this project after talking to the contractor.  Standby for details.

Lake Restoration Fund

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Crescent Cove and Beach

Crescent Cove was chosen to begin our Lake Restoration because it has filled in more than other coves and it has easy access as we work on our process

Crescent Beach is the second area to be worked because it is the most used area of our lake.


The  dewatering and spoils containment site consists of an above ground berm that is constructed and lined with plastic.  Geotextile tubes are placed within the berm.  As the pumped slurry is pumped into the tubes, water and solids separate.  The solids are contained within the tube, while the water “weeps” through microporous (smaller than 9 microns) openings within the woven polypropylene material.  The resulting water will be directed either through the use of grading and gravity back to the lake through hose. 

Empty Dewatering Bag

Sediment dries all winter and spring.

Full (almost) Dewatering Bag

Lake Kids playing on half full bag.

Sediment removed next summer.