Beautiful Place, Wonderful Community


Thanks to those who showed up for the fall work party to bring in the docks for winter and tidy the beach areas on Saturday, October 14th. We appreciate your support of the RLA.

Please visit the "Vendor Discounts" page for information about a discount on home heating oil for RLA members!

Thank you all for your generous donations to the RLA Tag Sale on Sept. 16. The RLA received $1717 from Tag Sale 2017!

This never would have happened, of course, without the hard working volunteers that advertised, stored, loaded, transported, and sold all kinds of items. Thanks to RLA board member Lynne Sewell for organizing the event, and a special thanks to the Williams family for allowing us to use their front yard and for their hospitality throughout the day.


The entire crew had a fun time hanging out with neighbors while raising money to help keep our lake beautiful.

Thanks to all who attended the 3rd annual Wataba Lake Fest on Sept. 9. Extra thanks to Roger Grannis & Kevin McCarthy for organizing this amazing community event.

The 2017 RLA picnic was a great success! Thanks to those who attended, especially our newer members who have decided to generously support the mission of the RLA. 

Rose M. goes for it at the annual donut eating contest.

Check out this video from the Rutgers Agricultural Experiment Station detailing how to make an artificial floating wetland. The RLA will be building our own floating wetland in the coming weeks! 

LEFT: Janine Ranieri inserts plants into our own floating wetland. 

RIGHT: Doug Carroll & John Keegan (hidden) row the wetland out into Rainbow Lake. 

BELOW: A heron hangs out on the floating wetland.





















RLA member volunteers taking advantage of a beautiful April morning to work on phase 1 of the H2H project. Thanks to all who helped out!


Four months later, check out the blooming flowers:

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