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Announcements Around The Lake

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Thanks to those who attended this morning's RLA general meeting, where the 2024 budget was approved, 3 board members were re-elected, & the RLA's new lake treatment plan was discussed.

To date, fewer than 50% of eligible membership households have joined the lake association for 2024. It takes tens of thousands of dollars to maintain Rainbow Lake, so the RLA needs everyone's support. Click the link above to join now!


You may have noticed we have begun our Phosphorous Reduction Project with the application of a product called Phoslock.  This project is a four-year project approved at last year’s Annual General Meeting. 


The major cause of unsightly algae growth on our lake is an excess of phosphorous.  Over the last few years, we have done studies to show that the majority of our phosphorous comes from the lake bottom as opposed to the inlet streams.  Yesterday lanthanum (a natural chemical) embedded in bentonite (a natural clay) was applied to absorb the phosphorous in the water column as well as the lake bottom.  Lower concentrations of phosphorous will, overtime, lead to a healthier lake ecosystem and fewer applications of herbicides.


We have been working directly with the Chief Scientist at the manufacturer of the product who tested our lake to determine the optimum application for our specific lake.  Requests for Proposals to apply the product were sent out and we selected the best bid, which happened to be our current Lake Management team, Pond and Lake Connection.  A discussion of the selection process is on our website (see link below).


While we hope to lessen our future dependence on, and costs of, our normal herbicide applications, this project requires funding.  We have enough in our Lake Improvement Fund to cover the first year of the project (about $40,000), but will need to raise funds to continue. 


Click on the link below to see details and donate to our Phosphorous Reduction Project to make our Beautiful Lake even more healthy!

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Dear Neighbors,


We now have public boats! In order to reduce the number of boats on the beaches, the RLA will now have four RLA member boats on Crescent Beach. They have “RLA” stenciled on the side and we have both kayaks and canoes. We will put some life preservers in the beach shed and a few paddles, but we encourage members to bring their own paddles and life preservers. This is the first year we have tried it, and, if successful, we will add some more boats. Please be courteous and return the boats, paddles and life vests to Crescent Beach after use.




An important reminder to Rainbow Lake residents:


When raking or blowing leaves, please DO NOT dispose of your leaves in the lake. 


Vendor Discounts are available for RLA members from local businesses.


Click on "Vendor Discounts" to learn more!


If you have a business or know of one that might be interested in offering discounts to RLA members, please contact the board at rladmin@rainbowlake.org.