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Announcements Around The Lake


Thanks to all those who attended the annual RLA summer picnic on Aug. 5! A Good time was had by all.

Thanks to all those who turned out for our spring beach cleanup on April 22!

Dear Neighbors,


We now have public boats! In order to reduce the number of boats on the beaches, the RLA will now have four RLA member boats on Crescent Beach. They have “RLA” stenciled on the side and we have both kayaks and canoes. We will put some life preservers in the beach shed and a few paddles, but we encourage members to bring their own paddles and life preservers. This is the first year we have tried it, and, if successful, we will add some more boats. Please be courteous and return the boats, paddles and life vests to Crescent Beach after use.


Thanks to those who attended the Annual General Meeting on May 21st at Crescent Beach. The meeting provided a venue for all members to bring questions and suggestions about the lake to the attention of the Board. The meeting also provided a forum for the Board to update members about the state of the RLA’s finances, lake treatment plans, and so on. 



The RLA Board

Doug Carroll (President), Chris Belden, Mike Delaporte, David Farabee, Jeff Florio, Marty Gold, Alan Hanley, Marc Moll, David Sarath



Some may not be aware, but there is an access to the lake near 205 Mountain Road that is owned by the Town of Ridgefield. For many years the neighbors in that area maintained a dock to ease loading of their boats. As the dock fell into disrepair, it was pulled out of the lake with the intention of fixing it up and returning it to the water. Unfortunately, that project stalled. In discussions with neighbors, the RLA has agreed to split the cost of a new dock, and then the RLA would maintain the dock in the future. To that end, if you would like to donate to the new Mountain Road Dock click https://www.rainbowlake.org/membership/specific-projects/.

Rainbow Lake resident & official RLA animator Chris Williams has graciously designed some very cool Rainbow Lake merchandize that is now available for purchase, with all proceeds going to the RLA. T-shirts, coffee mugs, car magnets & other groovy swag can be found HERE

An important reminder to Rainbow Lake residents:


When raking or blowing leaves, please DO NOT dispose of your leaves in the lake. 


Vendor Discounts are available for RLA members from local businesses.


For instance, we offer a special deal on heating oil from Standard Oil: for RLA members only, there is a 20 cent per gallon discount, as well as a 20% discount for service plans. Call Standard Oil at 800-822-3835 and ask to speak with either Debbie or Darryl.


If you have a business or know of one that might be interested in offering discounts to RLA members, please contact the board at rladmin@rainbowlake.org.


For more deals please visit the "Vendors Discount" page.